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Updated 10/17/2018

Greetings! Welcome to my professional web site. These pages are in transition and will expand as I write and edit material to post here. See the section What's New for updates.
Schedule: I'm available for contract work as a civil engineer and surface water hydrologist. My specialty is the numerical and statistical modeling of surface water hydrologic processes. That means I use hydrologic principles to analyze watershed behavior including flood hydrology and watershed yield. In addition, I am an expert with open channel hydraulics and the hydraulics of pipelines.

In addition, I have strong statistical analysis skills. I use the R-project open source software for data analysis and statistical modeling. I write scripts for repeated analysis when appropriate using R.
What's New: Changes to the web site will be noted here until new changes occur.

10/17/2018: I updated the linear interpolation white paper on the writings page based on some input from Richard, a friend and colleague. Instead of using VLOOKUP I am now recommending MATCH and INDEX to retrieve bounding interval values for linear interpolation.

10/13/2018: The Writings page is updated. I added a technical note on how to apply linear interpolation in Microsoft Excel in a general fashion. These are notes I developed for myself but might be useful to others tasked with a similar application.

10/12/2018: I am now turning some attention to these web pages. I have a lot of documents that need to be housed somewhere that is accessible to the engineering community. These documents are the results of the various research projects I participated in, plus short articles and reports of a more general nature that might be of interest to someone. There will be more as I develop this site.

The last couple of years have been extraordinarily busy for me. About half of my day is taken up with dealing with the usual stuff of life plus walking my dog and organizing my day. My dog and I walk between four and five miles a day. We both need the exercise.

04/30/2015: After eight years with R.O. Anderson Engineering, I am now operating as a private consultant. I'm available for contract work regardless of location. My business name is Thompson Hydrologics. I know it is not that imaginative but it works.

Notes: These pages (my entire website) are hand-coded in XHTML and CSS using either vi, emacs, or BBEdit. There are no wussy code editors used here. :) Be sure to check out the Firefox standalone browser and support the open-source community. I am currently in the process of de-Googling myself because I do not want to give that corporation any more of my personal information. On PC I use Safari and on Windows I use Edge.

Finally I gave up and removed the mail-to link on the right navbar to present my email address in a fashion that is not easily snagged by spammers. I've received too much spam already.