Shelob's Lair


Updated 12/31/2006

Greetings! This page is the portal to my professional interests. As you explore these pages, you'll discover bits and pieces of my quirky personality. So, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy the site.
Schedule: I'm going to use this box to make notes about travel and other time scheduled out of the office.

I am currently on official leave and will not regularly be on campus.
Classes: My class list is on the left navigation bar. Materials for my classes will be posted on their respective web pages.

Kickstart: Need a spiritual kick-start for the day? Try a dose of daily reading or a different approach is at Christian Fellowship Devotionals.

Interested in graduate school? I have some information for you. Some of the text is mine; some essays come from other faculty and researchers.

What's New: Changes to the web site will be noted here until new changes occur.

I am currently absent from the Texas Tech Campus. I took a development leave and am working with a small consulting firm in western Nevada, practicing what I've preached over the years. I may be back on the Tech campus, or I may not. Only time will tell.

Notes: These pages (my entire website) are hand-coded in xhtml and css using either vi, emacs, or BBEdit. There are no wussy code editors used here. :) Be sure to check out the Firefox standalone browser and support the open-source community.

Finally I gave up and removed the mail-to link on the right navbar to present my email address in a fashion that is not easily snagged by spammers. I've received too much spam already.